Top Packing Hacks for your Business Trip

Packing for your business trip is a little different than packing for your vacation. Depending on your career, you may have to dress more professionally. Notably, you might have to travel for three-seven days at a time. It’s easier to pack lightly with only your essentials than pack your entire closet into a large suitcase. Most travelers advise that you only pack enough to fit in a carry-on. This will prevent any over-packing and help keep your traveling easier. Keep in mind that you’ll be in and out of airports and hotel rooms. The last thing you want to do is lug a bunch of suitcases and luggage back and forth.

Your Business Trip Doesn’t Need Much

When it comes to packing for your business trip, it’s best to keep things simple. For instance, black is your friend. Leave the colors at home or for your vacation to Europe. Pack black t-shirts, black pants, socks, and your nice black shoes. Of course, pack your suit if a suit is required for your industry. You can look professional with a blazer and minimum black outfit. Packing so that you only need a carry-on and a tote (or briefcase) makes your travel so much smoother. Don’t worry about baggage claim or the airline losing your bag. Pack only one coat. This isn’t so much a worry in the summer, but it can also apply to blazers and more professional wear. This is probably going to be the bulkiest thing you pack, so make sure there is only one. This will save you so much space. Speaking of saving space, you should wear your bulkiest items. Whether that includes your wingtips or your heels, it’s much easier to wear them than stuff them into your suitcase. That way, you’ll have more room for your toiletries, chargers, and other necessities. Speaking of toiletries, keep it simple. The hotel will have most of the things that you need. Regardless, keep in mind that you’re trying to take only a carry-on so your liquid must be in small bottles anyway. Don’t pack anything that you don’t use regularly back at home. Keep a copy of all your important documents. This entails your passport, ID, and your credit card. It’s always a safe bet to have a copy when you travel in case one goes missing. Lastly, keep your laptop in a separate space than your luggage. You’ll have easier access to it on the plane if it’s in a backpack, tote, or briefcase. It will also be easier to go through security when you can easily take it out of a smaller bag.