The Mysteriously Secret World of Airport VIP Lounges

If you’re new to flying or generally fly coach, you may have never heard about the secret world of airport VIP lounges. However, while these lounges have an air of superiority and exclusivity around them, there are ways to access these lounges during your wait at an airport. Most people agree that spending time in these airport VIP lounges makes flying a much more enjoyable experience.

Some airport VIP lounges are airline-specific.

Airport lounges come in many shapes and sizes. For most of them, though, specific airlines operate them. Usually, access to these lounges is determined by if the flyer is first-class or otherwise. Examples of these lounges include the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse @ JFK or the United Polaris Lounge @ Chicago O’Hare.

Some are through credit cards.

Simple owning the right credit card can get you into other airport VIP lounges. For example, Amex Centurion Lounges are located at various airports throughout the country and you only need to be a Platinum, Business Platinum and Centurion cardholder. As a bonus, other Amex cardholders can still get in with a $50 one-day pass.

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