The Guidebook for Business Trips to Los Angeles: Work and Play

Business trips are kind of a blessing in disguise. Much of your travel expenses are paid for, and you get to visit a new place. Since you’re taking the time to get there, make the most of your trip. The diversity of people, landscape, food and creativity make this city one of the most dynamic places to visit in the country. Here are some uncommon, non-touristy things to do when you visit LA.

Work hard and play hard in the City of Angels

There’s something fascinating about secret things. When you come to Los Angeles, visit a bar that was a speakeasy during the prohibition. These secluded bars usually require a secret password or hidden doorway, and they’re undoubtedly a cool way to pass the time. Skip traditional museums and visit Barnsdall Art Park. LA is known for its sunny weather, so there’s no doubt you’ll visit on a beautiful day. Make the most of it, have a picnic, and see some beautiful pieces. Do you love a calm day on the water? If so, renting a paddle boat on Echo Park Lake might make the perfect day for you. You’ll get to see some unique views of downtown, while skipping out on Los Angeles’ famous traffic. If you want to experience various niche vibes, consider bar hopping in Highland Park. With no end to the supply of unique bars, this neighborhood is a great way to hang out in a vintage spot for a while, then immediately afterwards check out a Latino hipster bar. Watching an improv show is a memorable way to experience LA. Hollywood attracts some of the best talent from across the country and world. Check out a comedy show on your night off. Maybe on one of your business trips you’ll see a burgeoning artist right before they get famous.