The Future of Airport Assistance: Hotels in Terminals?

In an unprecedented move in airport assistance, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport recently opened a four-star hotel inside of its airport. Well – connected to terminal 1 via a sky bridge. This allows for a new level of convenience as airport-goes you’ll be able to stay right where they land or fly out from.

Airport assistance

Is this the future of airport assistance?

With its own spa, conference center, and even its own security checkpoint, it doesn’t get much more convenient than this. Of course, checked baggage would need to still be taken to the standard check-in (for now.) The new airport at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport joins a growing list of airport-adjacent hotels popping up around the country. These include hotels in busy hotels like Dallas/Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, and more. Which begs the question – is this the future?

What’s the catch?

These new hotels aren’t for everyone, especially if your goal is to see the city and spend some time on vacation. These hotels, actually, are more for frequent business travelers and those only staying a short amount of time for business. This makes it very convenient for quick arrival and departure, but those looking for more of a city experience might have a better time finding a different hotel to avoid the airport traffic. Airport assistance is changing every day, but with Airport Concierge Services, you are always guaranteed a five-star, customized experience to assist you with anything you may need.