Surprising Items That You Cannot Carry On

While we’ve all had the standard no liquids, no guns rule hammered into us since we began flying, there are a few items that are prohibited through security that are rather surprising. Most of these items are fine to go through your checked baggage. But you should always double check with the TSA website before heading to the airport. Here are a few surprising items that you cannot carry on:

Snow globes.

Unfortunately, if you’re traveling to/from a cold destination, you may need to check that snow globe that you picked up from the local gift shop.

Magic 8 balls.

Like snow globes, the liquid in a magic 8 ball is contained and sealed (and apparently harmless.) However, it still exceeds the maximum amount of liquid in a carry-on.

Toy weapons.

While it may be hard to pry that cool new sword or water gun away from your child, it’s better to pack it away safely underneath the plane than to have TSA take it away for good.

Surprising Items That You Cannot Carry On
Surprising Items That You Cannot Carry On

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