New Airlines are Charging Per Personal Bag — Pack Light!

Remember the good old days? It was a time when you could check-in a bag at the airport, carry a personal bag and make your way to the gate. This was also during the time when you didn’t need a ticket to get to a gate and wave someone goodbye. New airlines are now popping up offering amazing deals for flights. But, this also comes with a lot of other extra fees. Some of those fees include the price of your seat and the price to have anything other than a small purse in the plane with you. Not to mention, if you have a bag to check-in, there won’t be any freebies.

So, your best bet is to learn how to pack light and accumulate as little added fees as possible. This way, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the incredibly cheap roundtrip flight.

New Airlines With Cheap Flights

We work with every airline. And, one of our services is baggage claim—we’ll deliver your bags to wherever you are! If you’re going to take advantage of a cheap flight for a quick trip, we highly encourage it. You might want to start packing light, though. These flights usually include a smaller plane, with little to no storage bins. This is why they charge you extra for every bag, carryon or not, that you’ll be taking with you. It’s time for you to fit everything into a backpack and roll up your T-shirts. These flights will allow you to start packing smarter and bring only the absolute essentials.

We can’t pack for you, but we can do a whole list of other things. Visit us online for more.