How To Avoid Airport Madness During Memorial Day

How To Avoid Airport Madness During Memorial Day

Are you taking that much-needed vacation this month for Memorial Day? Or maybe you’re going to visit that special woman in your life for Mother’s Day. If it involves an airport, you’re gonna want to know these tips on how to avoid the Madness during these busy holidays.

Memorial Day is great because you usually have a 3-day weekend to celebrate the veterans who fought for our country. The downside to that is over 30 million cars will travel 50 miles or more during this time. This means that the traffic to get to where you are going, like the airport, is going to take some strategizing.

Helpful tips to make sure you get to the airport on time:

  • Time your trip appropriately

  • Allow for more time than you think you’ll need

  • Come to the airport prepared with id’s, passports, and tickets all in your hand

  • Pack Lightly

  • Look into local destinations

That last one might be hard if you have to leave your state. Following those steps above will help speed up TSA lines and security lines at the airport. Make it a plan to hire Airport Concierge Services and have a peace of mind knowing we will take care of all the stressful stuff, so you can stay stress-free!

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