Get Motivated to Unpack After Your Trip

We’ve all been there—we get home late from a business trip or weekend vacation, and the last thing we want to do is unpack our suitcase. So, instead of unpacking, the luggage remains there for a couple of days, until we can avoid it no longer. Understandably, it’s not the most exciting thing to do once you’ve returned. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary thing to do. It’s just a matter of being motivated enough to unpack after your trip.

Unpack After Your Trip—Sooner rather than later

Unpacking gives you a sense of relief. You also feel accomplished and ready to rest. Keep this feeling in mind when you get home from your trip. If you arrive late, unpack first thing in the morning. Don’t wait too long.

For some travel bloggers, motivation is key and comes in many forms. So, motivate yourself by reminding yourself of that feeling of accomplishment after unpacking. It’s the same kind of trick some need to repeat when it comes to working out.

In another effort, you can also motivate yourself with treats. Take all your clothes to the washroom and treat yourself with a beer or chocolate. Then, carry on this way until your entire suitcase is emptied. Place ticket stubs or museum maps in the trash (or in a memory box) and then set aside your souvenirs. Though it may seem silly that a grown adult needs to be motivated to do a simple task, it happens all the time.

Unpacking is such a mundane and unfulfilling task, that sometimes we need that extra push in order to finish. Consequently, we won’t be leaving the suitcase full until the next time that we need it. So, go ahead and grab a drink and get ready to unpack and store away your luggage, sooner rather than later.