Meet and Greet Assistance Facts


What if I’m not using a Car Service or Limousine Service to go to the airport?

Whichever is your preference, taxi, shuttle, or choosing to have a friend take you to the airport, we coordinate with you and meet you curbside upon your arrival to the airport.

What if I’m not flying First or Business Class?

Whether flying First Class, Business Class, or Economy, our clientele are all accommodated with the same concerns: to have a stress free and comfortable travel experience.

Can you Meet or Greet my Elderly Parents who are in Wheel Chairs and need help?

Yes, on your parents departure we handle the entire check in process before they arrive. We meet them curbside along with wheel chair attendants, have their luggage tagged, and expedite them through security. Additionally, they will be escorted into the airline VIP lounge and assisted as needed in boarding the plane. Upon their return, we meet them on their arrival along with wheelchair attendants, assist them in the retrieval of their bags, and escort them to their vehicle.

What if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

If your flight is cancelled or delayed you will be promptly notified, and presented with possible alternatives.

What if I’m not a frequent flyer?

RML Airport Concierge Services was established to return some of the appeal flying once had, therefore, all are welcome.

What is the cost for an Airport Meet or Greet service?

The charge of an airport Meet or Greet is determined by the arrival and/or departure city and is limited to a party of (5) arriving and/or departing by the same means of transportation. A group larger than five is subject to additional charges.

Please see our Airport Personal Services page for more Assistance options. You can also fill out our Contact form and a representative will respond to all your questions or needs.

Thank you for choosing RML Airport Concierge Services for your International & Domestic Travel Service needs.