Dressing for a Flight — Look Your Best and Stay Comfortable

Trying to look your best while dressing for a flight is always a dilemma. One of the hardest parts of traveling is choosing your outfit. You never know if your flight will be delayed or if the weather will change in your new location. Yet you still want to look good because you’ll be in front of hundreds of people at the airport.

Dressing for a Flight

If you’re a frequent flyer, you know the dilemma of choosing something that’s comfortable but won’t make you feel like you’re traveling in pajamas. Flying requires lots of sitting and probably some napping. But it also means walking or running to your next destination so you don’t miss a flight, train, or cab. Your clothes should adapt to your needs.

Layers are the perfect choice for traveling into unpredictable weather. Wear something breathable as the first layer, like a nice short-sleeved shirt or dress. Then layer warm sweaters or blazers on top. If you get warm while waiting for your flight, the outer layer can double as a pillow. And when it gets chilly, just put your sweater on. No matter the climate, your outfit can adjust with you. That way you’ll look your best and be comfortable and happy wherever you land.

A part of your outfit that often gets overlooked is your shoes. Your feet spend most of their time being active, so it’s important to choose something that allows them to be comfortable. Luckily, it’s become more acceptable to wear tennis shoes with more formal outfits. So even if your outfit is a little fancy, you can probably get away with wearing some nice sneakers. The decision to wear tennis shoes instead of flip flops may be the difference between an exhausting day or a happy one.

With all that said, flying isn’t the ideal time to take a fashion risk. Don’t wear a brand new outfit you’ve never worn out before. When you feel good, your outfit will look good, too. The most important thing is to choose something you’ll feel happy and comfortable in. While you’re attempting to maximize comfort while dressing for a flight, check out a VIP lounge to take a break between your travels.

Before you go… some good news

Dressing in the right outfit can certainly make or break your flying experience. To assure your travels are even simpler, RML Airport Concierge Services is happy to announce a new service for those of you arriving at JFK International Airport. International passengers arriving at JFK from anywhere in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East can now be met at the gate and assisted through the immigration process. Moving to a new place with a new culture can be taxing— that’s why we’re here to help you get to your destination effortlessly. Check out our website or contact (310) 677-5015 to book a service today!