Airport Downtime: 7 Fun Ways to Kill Time While Waiting Around

With our fast and excellent services, you might find yourself with some down time at the airport. Getting through security faster, or being at ease with your flight connection can easily have you waiting at your next gate. So, we’ve come up with fun ways to pass your airport downtime.

Airport Downtime Savers

  • Score some duty-free items
    We hope you’ve got some extra room in your bag! 
  • People watch
    This is probably the greatest thing to do while you’re stuck in an airport 
  • Celeb Spotting
    Depending on what airport you’re at, you could probably find yourself spotting a celebrity. Even if you don’t think you’ll be into, just wait until you see John Krasinski walking around.
  • Learn a language
    Heading abroad? Now’s the time to learn the key phrases you’ll be needing.
  • Read a book
    Maybe you bought it at the duty-free store, or maybe you brought it from home. Either way, take some time to read a little.
  • Internet updates
    Now’s the time to let everyone back home know that you’re traveling to someplace cool.
  • Have a drink
    By all means, traveling can be exhausting. You deserve the drink. Now go get one!

With RML Airport Concierge Services things may go a little too smoothly, leaving you with extra time at the airport. What can we help you with during your next travel?