Accommodating Travel for Minors and the Disenfranchised

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, many families are planning on traveling back to their loved ones. Airports turn into scenes that we know so well from various movies; the lines are long, children are being dragged by their parents, and many people are happily reunited. Unfortunately, accommodating travel is not always readily available or easily accessed. That’s where we come in. If you have a child flying by themselves, or you’re in need of special services (such as wheelchair access, or a guide) we can help you with that.  

Accommodating Passengers

We specialize in ensuring that any unaccompanied minors or any person with special needs is safe while flying. Guiding people through the airport with whatever extra help they need is something that we know to be an important part of our concierge services. For many families during the holiday, it’s a stressful time to fly. Sometimes, family members aren’t able to travel with their loved ones. We are able to accommodate any needs and get you or your loved one right where they need to be.

So, once the bags are packed and you’re all set to leave town, remember to click online and figure out any accommodating travel that you might need from us.