A Travel Guide — Business in Chicago

Upon some research, it was found that the top travel destination for business is Chicago, Illinois. This city beats out Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City. A little surprising? Maybe—considering that San Fransisco is the tech capital and China has a huge pulse on the business market. But, Chicago has its own stuff going for it. It also has rock star tech, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a well-established media industry, and world-class architecture. Basically, business travel in Chicago encompasses a lot more than just one facet. So, if your own business travel takes you to Chi-Town, here’s a travel guide to get you through your meetings.

Business Travel Guide to Chicago

If your business trip has led you to Chicago, you’re in luck. There is plenty to do in this vibrant city. Typically, being on this business trip means your time is short, so we’ve got a couple of things you can squeeze in between the meetings and work responsibilities.

First things first, get yourself a pizza slice. Skip the work lunch if you can, or convince everyone to head to Giordano’s. You’ll get the classic pizza that was born in the city. It’s one of the easiest things you can do during your stay.

If you’re not working late into the evening, checking out a comedy show will be well worth your time. You can opt for Second City, a popular place to catch comedians. Or, you can head to Improv Olympics, where you’ll stumble upon a variety of shows (this is where Amy Poehler and Chris Farley got their start). If comedy isn’t your thing, you can step into any bar around downtown and find yourself some live music to enjoy.

Another easy thing to do while in Chicago is to admire all the architecture. This won’t require you to carve out too much time out of your schedule. Literally, just take a stroll around downtown and look up. View the Willis Tower (previously named the Sears Tower), the Chicago Board of Trade Building, built in 1930; and the Wrigley Building, built in 1924 and known as the first building in the city to have air conditioning.

If you’re needing a drink after a long day of work, be glad you’re in Chicago. It’s home to great cocktail bars, like Three Dots and a Dash, and great craft beer, like Moody Tongue Brewing Company.