A Guide to Drinking at an Airport Bar Before Your Flight

Traveling can take a lot out of a person. This is why it’s never a bad idea to have a drink while you wait around. Drinking at an airport bar does come with different tricks and rules though. Time exists at airports in the form of boarding and heading out. Other than that, time is irrelevant. This means that having a drink at 8 a.m. is completely normal and warrants no judgment. If you happen to be traveling for work, it’s good to take some time and have that glass of bourbon. It’ll make the flight easier to bear.

This is how you should be drinking at an airport bar

The thing about airports is that they are a great place to people watch. So, grab a seat at a bar and watch the show unfold. If you have a layover, flight delay, or just arrived early to your flight, having a drink is always a good idea. We all know that everything is overpriced at an airport.

When you’re ordering your cocktail or choice of spirit, you’ll likely be asked if you want a double. Say yes. Always say yes. This is an added shot of liquor that you’re getting for only around $2 more. In the end, the math works out so that you’re spending what you normally would have at a regular bar.

Most of the time, people are traveling for work or celebratory type of vacation (graduation, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.). So, if you find yourself alone at a bar, you’re more likely to strike up some fun conversation with a stranger. This has a better success rate than trying to chat someone up at a regular bar. And, you’re most likely not going to be flying together. So, you’ll have a new friend for 30 minutes and then you’ll be on your way. It’s great.

Lastly, tips work the same. Leaving a cash tip is better, but following the general rules of tipping at a bar should be just fine. Leave about a dollar for each drink you’ve had, unless you’ve ordered food or several drinks, then the standard 15-20% is fair.

In any case, drinking a nice bourbon or having a quick beer before you’re cramped into a flying metal vessel is always a great option. Just don’t overdo it.